Sunday, December 08, 2013

NZ - Day 1

Left early in the morning for New Zealand.  Corey was still feeling terrible, but managed to make it.  Poor Caden got sick in the morning before we left.  He bounced right back, and off we went to catch our flight to Sydney.  

Getting our luggage in shape for the international flight was PAINFUL!  We were allowed only 50 pounds each, which does not go far.  We tried to smuggle back our Lancaster dessert wine, but our luggage was at capacity which is the only way it can be carried.  I was going to run it out to a cab driver, but thought perhaps they may let us take it through.  I also debated leaving it out in the open, then picked it up again.  In the end, they took it and threw it away.

Our massive collection of carry on luggage!

Our travel pros - ready to go.

Waiting in NZ for our luggage to arrive.  Very memorable, as three children climbed ON the suitcases and were riding around until airport staff repeatedly asked for the parents to identify themselves.  It was the grandparents who eventually came forward. 

We met up with the Alexanders and all went off to collect respective camper vans and then headed to a grocery store to stock up on essentials.  We made it a point to get only things made in NZ.  Strawberry jam with ingredients of strawberries and sugar!  Peanut butter of peanuts and sea salt!  We drove a few hours to a cool little camp spot and went straight to bed.  Now it was my turn to get sick ‘_’  The Angst family is under attack!

A little pre-bed reading in the camper van.

Corey and Gia up top.

Our other little reader.

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