Monday, December 09, 2013

New Zealand - Day 2

Since we arrived in the dark, we were excited to see the surroundings. We woke to a beautiful morning!  I put on the tea kettle and went out to explore a bit.  So beautiful with dew covering the plants.  

We set off on the first of many stunning drives.  Made it to Lake Tekapo, and then it went downhill for me from there.  Kids had a great time exploring the lake.  Next they made it to the Astro Café, then on to Wanaka.  The kids made ferry houses and enjoyed running around.  I remained basically unconscious for a solid 24 hours.

The Alexander and Angst caravan - Rodney walking my way.


And we're off...

Many gorgeous sites along the way...

Caden picked one beautiful lupine that graced our table throughout our journey.

First stop - Lake Tekapo

Next stop - the Astro Cafe

Our campground for the night in Wanakee.  The kids busied themselves with making fairy houses and feeding the visiting ducks.

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