Thursday, December 05, 2013

Last Week in Freo - Thursday

I did last run to Cottesloe with Rachel and Rom this morning.  I ended with tears streaming down my cheeks but a very full heart from the gorgeous run at another record setting pace for me with my wonderful running pals!  Such an active and beautiful place!  This is also one of the top things I will miss.

Unfortunately Lily stayed home from school sick.  Gia under the weather too.  In preparation for Gia’s birthday tomorrow, I baked her requested Barbie cake and some cupcakes for the picnic.  

The girls piled into the stroller for a walk up to Trenna’s (in the 100 degree heat - which made me look forward to the impending snow) for the sweet farewell lunch that the tennis girls planned.  It was soooo lovely!  We spent the entire afternoon chatting, eating delicious food, and drinking Pimms – complements of Nancy J

Nancy, Kat, Trenna and me
Lily’s BFF Mimm ended up coming home from school a bit early too, plus Gia, Charlotte and Teo, so a great afternoon was had by all.  

Poor Lily ended up lounging around quite a bit.  Poor baby.
We picked up Caden from school and did a quick little play back at Trenna's before heading home.

Once home we grilled some salmon, had a little pool time, and continued to work on packing ‘_’

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