Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Zealand - Day 7

Kiwi Experience was parked at Rainforest Lodge J  We walked into town in the morning.  Great little breakfast spot.   We stopped at the little grocery store.  As Caden passed the pet food aisle he commented to me that he was going to say that we should get Jackie some cat food to bring back, but then he remembered that she’s dead ‘_’

Next headed to Fox Glacier for a private helicopter ride.  So worth it!  Kids have no fear at all!

The cafe we were at had a TV!  Kids were in heaven.

Had to snap a photo of the Kiwi Experience.  The bus is a different color from when Tamara and I took the tour 20 years ago!

Lily snapped a few photos of some great New Zealand Christmas items.

Next up we did a helicopter tour of the Fox Glacier.  The kids were fearless.  It was awesome!

As we drove on, we had to make some unexpected stops for cattle crossing.

The camp site for the evening was a beach with dark sand.  Low on the shells and high on the wind.  Gia wasn't feeling too well, so her and Corey went back to the camper.  Caden, Lily and I braved the cold a bit longer and raced makeshift boats down a little stream.

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