Monday, December 16, 2013

New Zealand - Day 9

Short run before heading out on a boat ride along the Abel Tasman coast, enjoying views of seals, sting rays, and star fish, ultimately arriving at the beach for a short hike to Awora Lodge – same lodge that Tamara and I stumbled across all those years before (roaring fire, Enya playing, and the glorious realization that we did not have to swim across the next part of the hike to make it out)!  We had a nice lunch before getting a bit of beach time and then our ride back.  This Abel Tasman trek is something I will definitely do again some day!  Maybe even rent one of the remote little houses along the way.

This woman had solid gray hair and seemed so active and serene.  I snuck a photo for my future self :)

Our boat

Listening to the ocean.  I guess it seemed easier than taking the short walk back down the path to the actual OCEAN!!!

Admiring the Christmas tree

Notice the shell bar

Gia proudly showing off the chocolate chip cookies procured for the long boat ride back

Lily's mermaid

Our haul

Cute hiney :)

Headed back into town to get Subway for the kids and takeout Indian food for Corey and I.  Drove a couple of hours into the mountain and found a great little camp spot on lake.  Every site we open our door we are greeted by begging ducks.  Down at the lake we realized as we attempted to feed some ducks that there are eels that bite the ducks!  Kids were fascinated and terrified.  Caden now wants an eel (and a puppy still) as pets.

Caden and I did the Honey Dew hike through the woods.  We thought it was the 15 minute walk when we started, but I realized the next morning we actually did the 45 minute walk!  Very impressive for my little guy!  Bugs were getting bad, so other headed back to campervan.  Caden commented about the woods, that he loved listening to the birds, and wanted to look at every sign.  It was such an enjoyable walk.  We chatted the whole way J

Tuckered out!

Our usual duck greeting upon our arrival to our campsite

Everybody tucked in for the night.

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