Sunday, December 01, 2013

Last week in Freo - Sunday

We picked up Lily about 10 and Caden came home around 12.  All went well!  So hard to believe they are getting so big as to go on sleepovers! 

In the afternoon we headed to George Street for the aptly named ‘George Street Festival’.  I was feeling a bit under the weather since the day before – perhaps because of too much wine in M. River the week before mixed with my numbing reality of entering the last week our young family will live in Fremantle.  Regardless, we decided to drive.  However this also enabled us to pile in the items we needed to return to the loaners – mattresses and tents to accommodate our guests.  We parked at the kids school, and decided to pop down to the Fremantle Arts Center first to check out the live Sunday concert we meant to take the Kidders and Alexanders to.  It didn't disappoint!  Fantastic jazz music playing to a packed crowd of pic-nickers dining on cheese and wine spread out on their blankets.

The kids were low on patience for the music, so after a brief stay and visit through the shops where I fell in love with my future lamp shade J we headed to George Street.  It was packed!  The kids saw a lot of friends – all who were thrilled that their absence from school the past week while we were in M. River was just a temporary one and that we had not snuck off back to the U.S.

Since it was our last day with our rental car, we headed up to Cottesloe to say our goodbyes to the beach, and have one last gelatto fest.




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