Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Last Week in Freo - Wednesday

Gia was sick this morning, so Corey stayed home with her while I rode Lily and Caden into school, crying the whole way AGAIN, as it was the last day to ride bikes to school.  The bike Caden had been using was due to be returned that evening at 6pm.  I know it is silly, but the sadness is strangely uncontrollable.  As Corey says, it is not just the leaving, but the saying goodbye to a very relaxing way of life.  I do agree, walking/riding the kids to school for a 9am start, the kids playing before and after around the school grounds with every other student, but that it is more so saying goodbye to so many wonderful people that we will miss seeing daily - just like we miss our great friends and family we are so far away from now.  
Our wonderful crossing guard Michael can be seen in the background.  He greeted at the start and end of every school day with wonderful and cheery smile.
After dropping the kids off, I rode into Freo for some errands.  I took a couple pics of one of my major shopping areas.

Then I ran back home to get the video camera so I could video Caden and Lily’s dance practice, since we will be missing the final performance.  The dance teacher manages to get the entire school – each class – doing 4 choreographed dances. Caden’s class was amazing!  
Caden is right in front of the teacher to the right

Caden's snow flake dance team
Lily’s class was next.  The teacher is so tough!  She had the kids who thought they could do the dance go into the middle, then she would call them out and pull them off until the best remained.  Poor Lily looked lethargic, and asked that I take her home.  Poor baby.
After school I picked up Caden so we could head to South Beach for our last time there, as it was his most favorite beach from our first visit back in July when there were starfish everywhere!  After he roughed around the the boys a bit, we headed off by bike to take the CAT bus to the beach.  

We stopped at Il Cibo CafĂ© for a little treat...  Went into store next door.  The nice woman inquired about how long I would be Australia and I started crying again.

Caden and I passed an Aboriginal man playing a didgeridoo in the park, so we stopped to watch for a bit.

Caden and I had a great stroll around the beach looking for shells.  Funny enough he mentioned was just here the Saturday before with the neighbors.

Had to be home by 6:15.  We hopped on the CAT bus, picked up our bikes from Il Cibo, and rode home as fast we could.  Amazingly we made it!  Then we hopped in the pool for some swimming.  Followed by... you guessed it - more packing!  Only two more days to go!

Sadly we received the call from the vet in the middle of the night that Jackie was having massive kidney failure.  We made the decision to put her to sleep and have her cremated.  We will pick up her ashes when we get home.  So sad to not to be there for her at her passing.  You couldn’t ask for a better cat.  RIP Jackie Cat.  

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