Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Last week in Freo - Tuesday

Day began with a run to Pt. Walter, which was labeled, my last Pt. Walter run day.  A few tears.  Great run though.  The girls had me pacing like the good ol’ days with an 8:12 average.  We took a selfie at the turnaround.  I look like I was running an 8:12! 

Rachel to my left and Rom to my right

I attempted to stop in to the front office to be sure they knew we extended our start from Wednesday to Friday, but could not stop crying enough to talk!  I had to ask poor Caden to tell them.  He was so sweet.  He gave me a big hug and walked in and announced he was staying until Friday.  To which Leanne, the lovely woman at the front desk came around to hug me and tell me how much they will miss us, how well we have fit in, how well people like us, yadda, yadda, to which I cried harder ‘_’

Lily home sick today.  She perked up mid-morning, so after a bit of homework, I agreed to take her and Gia to 9 Seeds for a coffee.  Lily had a croissant with jam, Gia had toast with butter, and I had one of the delicious fresh salads offered at any café you visit in Perth that I will surely miss.

Gia fell asleep on the way home and Lily and I made meringues to use up eggs and passion fruit pulp for the curry dinner we had that evening at the Potters house.

Farewell dinner at the Potter with the Hawkins too at 5pm.  Kids swam and ran around, terrorizing the Christmas tree.  Potters gave us one of Magalia’s prints that I loved – the one of Cottesloe.  So touching!  They didn’t even know how many times I had been to Magalia’s studio admiring her work!  I couldn’t believe it.

Emma and Martin have backs to us, Michelle and Brian Hawkins on the left.

Me and Emma
Gia and Daisy
Cooper and Caden

Lily and Lily


Hard to believe with all of that hugging going on between Corey and Martyn and I didn't manage to capture even one photo!!!

Dinner was absolutely divine!  I now have curry coaches identified and will continue to work at figuring it out.

We made it home by 9, did a little more packing, and all fell fast asleep.

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