Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Zealand - Day 10

I began the day with a beautiful run along the lake, balancing across logs, hopping over streams, and generally just having a great time.  I didn't see another soul.  It was very peaceful.

I returned back to the camper to find Corey not feeling well again.  He rallied to come down to the dock to feed the ducks - and the eels - including helping the eels nip at the ducks!  Caden was so fascinated by it.  We were all trying to get those ducks to be more careful!

Corey went to pack up the camper and the kids and I played at the waters edge a bit.

We worked for a good hour to create a bridge.  It took the whole team, but we finally pulled it off.

Not far down the road we stopped for gas and some muffins that we have decided to add to our Little Angst Bakery menu - mainly because there was the equivalent of 1/2 a chocolate bar on top.  They earned a thumbs up from the discerning Angst kids!

Corey turned over the reigns to me at this point, feeling worse by the minute.

Lily had hot springs on her New Zealand bucket list, so I pulled over, 1 hour into my driving, while Caden and Corey were fast asleep in the back.  They never would have known we had stopped, had I not backed into the hill with our unusually long camper and snapped the bumper!  Ugh!  Poor Corey fixed it up a bit, and then went back to bed.  Lily and Gia enjoyed a soak.  It was just us, and 10,000 of our favorite sand flies '_'

We made it into Christchurch right around dinner time for our last night in the camper.  Poor Corey was full on sick by this point.  The kids and I kept busy exploring the play areas, doing laundry, and visiting the arcade.  I let each kid play a game, and Caden was the only one to walk away with a trinket.  Lily was so upset, insisting that we should call the people that make those games to let them know that its not nice that not everyone wins - especially little kids!  It really made me smile.  Then in the second hour of the rant, I was ready to change topics.

The kids and I had a breakfast dinner and quiet night of Legos.

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