Friday, December 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Gia! Friday - Our last day in Freo.

Happy 3rd birthday Gia!

After getting Gia's presents wrapped, I spent a little time closing up work before the campingvan adventure begins.  Here's what my morning looked like.  Notice the coffee right out of the instant coffee jar :)

Then my birthday girl helped me to get her cupcakes decorated.

Poor Lily still wasn't feeling too good, but after a bit of medication we managed to get her to school for her last day.  We took a picture with Michael, our beloved crossing guard along the way, and one of the houses that was all decked out for Christmas.
Poor Lily is tucked into the stroller.

Unfortunately we missed the beaut lit up!

Once at school, Lily was greeted with a great big hug from her teacher, and a gift of a stuffed kangaroo, a kangaroo pen, and t-shirt.  So very sweet.

Lily with Mrs. Taylor

Caden's class had a farewell tea for him the day before.  All of the kids brought in a dish to share.  And all this week and last, the kids were bringing in little Christmas cards that they had hand written out to each kid, and would walk around and pass them out.  It was very sweet.
The morning routine
After drop off, we took Gia a birthday breakfast at her favorite coffee shop - Hubble.

View of Hubble

View out the window looking at the Wine Store
Gia took some time to capture some of her special memories she has of Hubble :)

We finished up packing, then Gia and I headed to the grocery store with some ice blocks and coolers to get ice creams for the kids to pass out to their classmates their last day of school.  We also brought along some holiday tags with stickers on them of their address in the U.S.

One of the things you won't see in the grocers freezer once back at home!

Caden's class practicing their play parts, getting distracted by ice cream...
Enjoying ice cream
 Then on to Lily's class...

Lily passing out her ice creams

Goodbye hugs from her bud Rowan

Caden's bird cookie he made during his kitchen time today.  Impressive, right?

Caden with his favorite teacher Mrs. Howart
 On the way home from school I capture a few random photos.
Our main intersection of Holland and Montreal

Caden walking up the block

The girls
The school picnic started at 5:30.  We rested up a bit and finalized the packing.

We headed up to the school with the Potter's.  My sweet tennis girlfriends organized all of the food, so we didn't have to worry about bringing a thing other than the cupcakes and Barbie cake.  Dad’s band was singing - with Greg, Trenna's husband as the lead singer.  We were all dancing and singing along.  So much fun!  They did a special birthday tribute to Gia.  We then sang Happy Birthday and shared some cupcakes.  The perfect last night together.
Our picnic spot

Sweet little Oli gave Caden a light saber to take home with him

Gia with her girl pals - Daisy and Ella

Gia and Daisy, up to the right, dancing up a storm

Gia and Ella sharing some cuddles

Mimm and other second graders practicing their school dance. 

Darra's grandma - Boppa

Emma and Martyn

Corey, Wade, Rob, Emma, and Martyn (Robin Money :) and Kat are down front)

Gia opening her gift from Teo, with his help.  Teo is Ben's competition :)

Gia, Trenna, and Teo
Dance time!
Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear Giiiiia.  Happy birthday to you!
Party time!


Cake with friends - Daisy, Gia, Caden, Cooper, Darra
Ella, Millie, Lily, and Lily

Me and Kat cutting a rug with Oli and Charlotte 

Happy birthday sweet Gia!  Goodbye Fremantle friends.  We are all better for this truly wonderful experience.

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