Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Zealand - Day 5

Despite being full on with the bug now, Caden still played a bit with the other kids while we washed up the sheets.  We headed into town for a coffee and to see the gardens.  Unfortunately as we arrived, Caden had to use the restroom.  He and I ran to the public restrooms, where we stayed for the next half hour.  When we got out we could not find anyone!  Apparently there was some mis-communication on where we would meet.  We wandered around for the next 2 hours, desolate, before camping out at the restrooms for poor Caden.  These first few photos of them enjoying a lovely coffee - at the wrong coffee shop - while Caden and I wandered the streets.  We came up with some great street performance ideas to try and earn some cash.  Thankfully with both of us sick, we weren't that hungry!

We finally connected and headed on to the Shotover Jet.  Caden was still up for it!  Gia was beside herself that she wasn’t tall enough.  Gia, Abbey and I watched and photographed from the sidelies.

A photo of the video
After the jet boat experience, we said our final farewells to the Alexanders.  They headed back to Christchurch for their flight home.  We initially planned to head down to Milford Sound, then decided last minute we would head north and to Abel Tasman instead and the glaciers on the way.

We drove north, planning to make it through the mountain pass, but ran into a road closure due to some loose rocks.  We were forced to pull off for the night at a little stop. They had a roaring fire and a kitchen, so we optimistically ordered a cheese pizza for the kids and some hot cocoa, but we were all too sick to eat or drink!  Turned in early.

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