Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tough Mudder

I finished the Tough Mudder today!  It was the first time the Tough Mudder has come to WA.  The race was out at a farm in the beautiful countryside about 2 hours north of Perth.  I was a part of a team my friend Nancy helped put together that was running for a brave little girl named Chloe, a local 14-year old battling brain cancer.  Go Chloe!

The race was CRAZY!  Quick summary of some of the obstacles that were set out over an 18km route: crawling under barbed-wire in the mud, swimming under a wall through a pool of ice (where I lost my beloved Nike running hat that has been with me for 12 years '_'), climbing concave walls after running through waist deep mud, swimming through a cage, balance beams and slipper monkey bars over mud lakes, and two obstacles that had electrical wires hanging down with shocks that hurt.

Our team - back row: Dani, Ian, Declan, Cherise, Steve, Emily - front row: me, Nat, Rosemarie

Once home, I took a loooong shower to try and wash the mud away, then we went to Clancy's, for dinner - great fenced yard to play, and then to mass.

Beautiful statues :)

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