Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just getting some traction here.  Many complain that kids do not need an excuse for more lollies and that it is a silly American tradition.  I think they will be all in within 5 years.  And I'm prepared to come back to monitor my prediction :)

There were only 5 houses on our street participating, marked by hanging out a Halloween decoration of some sort. We headed to a cute little street -Duke Street - where over half the houses were participating. Kids had a ball.  We even had our neighbors saying "candy" by the end of the night :)

Painting pumpkins after school - traditional American pumpkins were $50 per, so we went for these little guys instead.

Gia's pumpkin

Font porch all decorated - Gia as a princess, Lily as a bat, and Caden as a ND/Dockers football/footy player.

Our spooky set up - ready for trick-or-treaters.  And check out that Perth blue sky.  Ahhhh....

Lily, Gia, Daisy, Cooper, and Caden - ready to hit the town...  Cooper and Daisy's first-ever Halloween!

First trick-or-treat house

Reviewing the loot - a lot of open candy given out here. 

Gia enjoying her haul.

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