Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Caden - The Little Boy In Charge

Tuesday was Caden's day!  He of course elected to spend the day at the beach - and visit a coffee shop.  Not sure where my children get their fixation with coffee shops?!?

During tennis, Gia and I took a stroll to the Fremantle Library with Charlotte, Ella, and Charlotte's mom Kathleen.  Gia LOVED the bike extension off the back and kept telling Charlotte it was so cool.

Charlotte, Ella, Gia
Gia and Ella perusing the DVD collection.  They look so grown up.

Charlotte, in charge of the iPad.  The binky in mouth just always makes her actions so darn cute!
After tennis, we biked another couple of miles to South Beach.  We ran into one of Caden's little school buddies, Miles, who just moved here from Annapolis, MD!  His mom is American and dad is Australian, so they are here for a year to set up residency.  I am a tad bit envious.

The kids enjoyed the play set for an hour or so.  There was a green smoothie truck parked close by that was just visited by some of the Docker's players!  I knew it had to be good.  And it was!  Kale, coconut water, and some other goodies.  Gia and I made quick work of it.

Go The Dockers (photographed with The Miles)

The beautiful ocean

Hunting for sand castle embellishments.

Hunting for shells - and no, the guys behind us is not naked.
Our baby is getting big!  Here she is sunning herself.
Uncle Randy enjoying his time Down Under
Castle mastermind
The end product
 After our extensive beach play, we went to the Pickled Fig Cafe for tea, a.k.a. coffees and a cake.  As the little boy in charge, Caden sampled all the desserts.  And Gia, being Gia, finished them all :)

On the way home, Caden picked crab legs for dinner, which was a bit unusal.  We stopped at the fresh seafood market to pick some up, and picked up some WA fresh Red Snapper too.  Then we were off on our long arduous trek, made especially difficult by our very tired little boy in charge, and his siblings.

Gia was just too sleepy on the long bike ride home :)

Our ride up Holland Street just outside of Freo

The snapper was phenomenal.  Nothing like fresh ocean fish.  Crab legs were mostly eaten by Uncle Randy and me.  Kids ate the snapper too - followed by homemade chocolate chip cookies, per Caden's request.  Afterwards all were beyond exhausted.  

The crab legs

Sleep Lily

Sleepy Caden

Sleepy Gia
The kids get to sleep with me (and I with them) when it is their day.  Off to snuggle with Mr. C.  Goodnight!  Lily's on for tomorrow.

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