Friday, October 04, 2013

Kings Park Picnic with Penelope

We have had a really full week, which left me a bit under the weather with no voice.  Randy stepped it up, of course, and allowed me to take a nap this morning while he managed the kids so that we could rest up for our scheduled picnic with Penny :)

Penny is one of my favorite Aussies from our first visit, and incidentally, her and her husband Martin were the friends we were visiting in Europe on our infamous salmonella episode 14 years ago.

Enjoying a picnic in Kings Park
Penny did not disappoint.  I have been through Kings Park before, and actually hated Kings Park for a bit after the marathon, but she took us through some areas that were so incredibly beautiful despite the soft drizzle, that I forgave Kings Park for its crushing hills.

Lily and Caden get on so well with James and Katie.  They began with a climb and hat drop off of DNA Tower, watched the ducks, traversed the waterways, played tag and hide-n-seek, and basically ran amok in the rain.

Cannot seem to get this straightened out - but this is DNA tower. 

Kids dropped their hats off - Penelope and I tried to catch them.  Randy was photographer :)

The view of Perth from Kings Park

The view of the Swan River from Kings Park
The suspension walk

Such a cute picture with Caden hiding

After a few hours of good, wet fun, we stopped off at Gordon's Street Garage to warm up and have some tea, i.e. dessert and drinks before dinner :)

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