Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Lily - The Little Girl in Charge

Lily began her day with chocolate chip pancakes and raspberries, then off to tennis we went.  Following tennis, we went to... the movies of course!  Watching movies is one of Lily's most favorite things, which I am convinced she somehow inherited from grandpa Dave.  A gorgeous day, so the last thing I wanted to do was watch Smurfs 2, but the kids were tired from tennis and some time out of the increasingly hot sun would do them good.  Lily loved it, and asked if she could buy the movie later that day.

Next up she wanted Subway, and to ride her bike to Cottesloe Beach.  There is a Subway deal going here where for $5 you get a bottle of water and a 6" sub.  Considering prices here, this feels free.

The kids inhaled their turkey subs, with the rule of at least one veggie included, which is avocado for Gia, lettuce for Caden, and cucumbers for Lily.  Funny to note, as I am curious how this might change over time.  For the record, they all love avocado and cucumbers.  We then took bus 501 home.  So rare to be on foot, we had not taken the bus in some time!  We met up with Uncle Randy who cleaned up the house while we were out and was all packed for the beach!

After much cajoling, I was able to convince Lily that biking 5 miles each way was more than Caden and Gia could handle after this long day.  She relented with the compromise we would take her bike in the car and I would run alongside her at the beach.  Thankfully this did not come to fruition.  I have a terrible chest cold right now and am taking a bit of a hiatus.

Cottesloe Beach was fantastic - as usual!  Helped along by an SBS from our recent Margaret River trip!

Uncle Randy, getting 2 seconds of down time.
My favorite shop - perhaps of all time?, captured by Uncle Randy.

Lily made me this 'Queen Chair' - which I like.  Gia sat on my lap because she said she is the 'Baby Queen'.  So true!

Both girls wanted to be carried...not quite what they had in mind.

We stopped for a roast chicken on our way home, took a long bath, and Lily and I snuggled up in my bed and read.  Great day!

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