Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Monkey Mia - Heeeeere Dolphins...

We left Denham at 7am to head to Monkey Mia to see the much anticipated wild dolphins.  Monkey Mia has a license to feed the wild dolphins, if they show.  Which apparently they usually show up at 7:30am. sometimes at 8:30, and sometimes 9:30, and they have not missed a showing but twice in the past many years.   So you know whats coming, right?  The dolphins did not show up at 7:30, 8:30 or 9:30!  We made the most of our time...
Monkey Mia Model
Waiting at 7:30am for the dolphins to show up

Calm morning

Racing hermit crabs

Retreating to the coffee shop to await the dolphins
Pretty little girl exploring the boardwalk. 

I like this sequence.  Lily and Caden look like they own the place.

Caden looking for shells

Million dollar smile as Lily enjoys a lounge about

Sister snuggles
Uncle Randy taking it all in

As tide went out, the beach became increasingly mucky - and interesting
As usual, Caden makes a little buddy to explore with

This gaggle of explorers, with Caden front and center, made a sophisticated and organized pool system to hold the many different creatures they collected.

Next they discovered a dead fish - ugh!

It had its own pool

My little explorer
 I headed down to inspect the pools and my little explorer, and low and behold, the dolphins made an unexpected visit!  So amazing to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal!

All of the beach-goers gathered 'round to see.  Lily is front and center holding up her yellow skirt.
Here is her view.


The dolphin peeking at us :)

We waved goodbye to our dolphin friends and headed back out on the open road.  Next stop - Ningaloo Reef!

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