Friday, October 18, 2013

Sports Carnival

The kids had their sports carnival Friday.  Each school kid is assigned a 'faction' - Sterling (red), Forrest (green), or O'Connell (gold).  Siblings are put in the same factions.  You remain in your same faction for your entire school career where your faction accrues points for different events.  The sports carnival is a full day of competition, fully supported by the parents - complete with a latte truck in the school courtyard :)

We brought along our very best cheerleader - with her fingernails painted sterling red :)  Lily and Caden also sprayed red in their hair.  Gooooo Stirling!

Gia and Charlotte cheering their brothers on
Caden's first race, he is the third one from the left

Lily lining up for her race

Caden cheering his sister on
Lily ready to start the race

Lily is the third one from the left

The tennis ball race

The egg drop

Jump rope pro

The ball toss and race
O'Connell won.  Lily came home with a third place ribbon for her 100m dash.  Maybe she will take after her cousins.  Caden received a few stickers too for his great showing.  A fun day had by all.  And too bad we won't be here next year to crush O'Connell!!!

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