Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Drive Home from Ningaloo

We set off for home about 7am, taking the more direct Great Northern Highway than the coastal route.  Estimates had us arriving by Sunday at 11am...however, we encountered a few challenges.

Wildlife crossing - most frequently we encountered emus, some kangaroos, and even cows!
 Imagine our dismay when the freeway traffic came to a complete halt!  The road was shut down since 11pm the night before, estimated to be closed for another 7 hours!  Cars were pulled over and campervans parked picnicking.

After much surveying of the land by our captain and co-captain, it was determined, with a few other vehicles desperate to find a workaround, to head into the bush and take the farm road.  It was a bit dicey at times, but so very interesting!

I was a bit late with the camera, but there was a wooly sheep skeleton with its foot still stuck in the fence.  Poor thing. 

The view from the front

The road train that was run off the road the night before by a drunk driver, sadly killing the driver of the road train.

Our stop for Saturday night was in Dongara.  We picked up a pizza on the way in, and pulled up to another great spot overlooking the ocean.  It was very windy and cold, but Caden was still up for a shell search.  We had a great hike along the beach.

Our final morning.  The kids did not want to move out of the campervan!

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