Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ningaloo - Day 1-2

On our way to Ningaloo... we practiced snorkeling in anticipation of Western Australia's version of the Great Barrier Reef.

We arrived in Ningaloo at the People's Park just in time for a dinner.  The park is located right on the ocean - 50 yards from the water.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Our view

The little town of Ningaloo consisted of a few restaurants, a couple of small groceries, and a bakery.  This cafe was located right at Peoples Park - lucky for us.  And a BYO!

Gia enjoying the evening

Don't ask :)

Thank goodness we took a ball - the kids had a "ball" - :)

This is 'Eliza' (RIP) - Caden loved her.  And as Uncle Randy pointed out - not sure how she could have went to hermit crab heaven when we did such a great job recreating her natural environment!!!

We kicked off our morning with a walk and run along the beach.

Our morning, relaxing camper-side
Running along the beach for long solitary stretches netted me my first ever unbroken sand dollar!

Can't beat coffee beach side, freshly brewed by a sweet hubby.

The beach and reef exceeded expectations in every way.  There was a beautiful stretch of shallow water, about 2 feet deep, that went out about 50 yards until a drop off to the reefs.  Large, colorful fish would dart about in the shallows to all of our our amazement.  At the edge of the shallows you can step right off and float along over the reefs.  There were sword fish, manta rays, and many other reef fish.
Enjoying the shallows

One of the many fish darting about - the flue fish?
More fish

Getting ready for the snorkeling

We all watch amazed as daddy demonstrates how to snorkel

A tough day of snorkeling
Gia catching a snorkeling ride on her daddy's back

Caden's turn for a snorkeling ride - he enjoyed it a bit less than Gia

Lily's turn...

Uncle Randy and Corey ready to take on the seas

The fearless snorkelers

The kids enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, trying to gather coconuts from the palms and crack them open.

Breakfast table

My short hair :)
Our new friend Russell over for a visit

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