Friday, August 16, 2013

M&M's, NYC Boroughs, and Air Guitars

Friday night was Quiz Night for East Fremantle Primary!  We joined a table with two other couples from our street plus another couple we hadn't met yet.  Quiz night was held at the oval for the Sharks footy team, just around the block.

We racked our brains to come up with the least difficult costume idea, and finally settled on M&Ms.  I was actually able to source our teams' entire outfits on foot (so love my yellow Bob stroller!)  Printer is just at the river (printed shirt - $32 each), and hit up Red Dot, the Aussie version of the Dollar Store for white gloves ($2 each).  Sad part is, not sure I will get much use out of my 'm' shirts - except on Mother's Day.  However the $2 gloves also exfoliate :)  

Here's our team, in action.  Notice the fantastic AND edible table decorations...
Green shirts are Brian and Michelle, yellow shirt with back of head is Emma (not pictures is her hubby Martin), blue are Joy and Rob.

Notice the Joker right behind Corey and me.  He was on par with all other tables in attendance as far as effort in costumes go.  Our team definitely had the easiest post-night-out clean up before bed!  Our table of friends next to us all went in gold - gold spray painted clothes, body, hair, and even gold contacts.  They won best in show.

A really fun night overall.  We were a bit anxious that we wouldn't know the answers to questions in Australia, as I scarcely know them at our own quiz night for St. Joe in South Bend!  So we were thrilled when the first round included the question 'Name the 5 boroughs of New York City'.  Not sure if it was the two glasses of wine (beer for Corey), or the fact that I had already consumed my body weight in M&M's, but Corey and I decided that the 5th borough was Long Island - NOT Staten Island (sorry MEZ!!!).  Yikes!  Thankfully I had a chance to redeem myself on theme songs when they played the one for Downton Abbey.  However, somehow my "accent" got in the way and it was recorded as Game of Thrones?!?  Really.

They required members from each table make a showing for different competitions on the dance floor throughout the night.  The first one was to dance like Peter Garret.  I had no idea who he was, but have since looked him up because it was so darn enjoyable.  Peter is the former lead of band Midnight Oil and former Aussie politician who dances zombie-like.  The dancing was truly hysterical.  Here is a YouTube clip I came across of P.G. to give you a sense of it:

Later in the evening as I returned from the loo, my team told me I was needed on the dance floor. I had no idea whatsoever what the challenge was and was "delighted" (or feel free to insert an expletive here in front of the opposite of 'delighted') to realize I was representing our team in an air guitar competition.  I kid you not.  Thankfully at this point I had drunk my third glass of wine, and consumed Corey's body weight in M&M's to help me get into character.

The lady to my left is one of Caden's teachers :)  This is not her typical school-wear.

Just in - more photos of THE night -
Our table is in the lower left corner.  Great showing from the many supportive parents and teachers.  Just like at home :)
Our friend Nancy is in gold, who organized the winning team.  She is wearing gold contacts too - and was still wearing some gold body paint at school drop off on Monday that didn't all rinse off yet!
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One of my favorites from the neighboring Kardashian table - yes, that is baby North West.

My handsome guy, laughing as he was getting ribbed for purchasing the Margaret River house bid.

I am buying up the rights to these.

We made it home around midnight - sadly, without a trophy.  However we did bid on, and win, a great house on the beach just outside of Margaret River...  for the kids of course!  And maybe the chardonnay.

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