Saturday, August 10, 2013

TGIF... and Saturday

We had Caden's mate Oliver and his family over for dinner Friday night.  We ate outside, as custom here, even though there was a bit of a rain shower overhead.  Caden and Oli play so well together!  And we really love his parents (Kathleen and Wade and his little sister Charlotte) too :)

The walk just outside of our gate.  Me pushing Gia with my two Lily's.
Saturday we took Caden and Oli and Lily and her school friend Lily to the movies to celebrate the great work they are both doing in school.  We took the bus into Fremantle to see Despicable Me 2. Despite intermittent down pours, we managed to not get wet.
Oliver and Caden

Lily and Lily
I bought some bags of treats so the kids could each make up their own treat bag, and then we bought one big popcorn we split into 5 little bags and two large drinks.  So for the 2 adult tickets, 4 kids (Gia was free) the popcorn and 2 drinks, we spent $85!  I guess it makes the $40 ferris wheel seem more reasonable!

Taking Fremantle by storm :)
The kids were all very sweet and well behaved.

Saturday night we were invited to a party at our friends just up the street called, Christmas in July, even though it is technically August...  So many wonderful friends already.

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