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The week of August 19

MONDAY - While catching butterflies on the way to school, Caden accidentally tore one of their wings.  We left him in the grass, after much discussion about being gentle, and were saddened to see he was still there after school.  We carried him home, and paid special attention to other butterflies on our way to see what they ate and what flowers they liked, picking a few for our injured butterfly along the way.

Once home, we did some further research on the Internet, and were dismayed to find that this particular butterfly is not native to Australia and are wreaking havoc on crops.  So we plucked off the other wing and left him for dead.  Not really.  But we did turn him out from the nice cozy jar we had set up for him in doors with a couple of flowers and some kiwi for sustenance.  However I was careful to put him far back in the hedges so that his fate will remain unknown to us - kind of.

Monday was a gorgeous day!

Gia and I headed into Freo to run some errands and we met Corey for lunch at Moore & Moore, this funky coffee shop with seating outdoors in the front and back, attached to art gallery and live studio.  We sat out back in the garden area to be close to the little kids play area.  Gia was able to play with a couple of other sweet little girls, and I had a few minutes to answer emails.  So nice!  Weather in the 70s and sunny this week.  Gia fell asleep on the way home, and ended up wetting the stroller '_'

TUESDAY:  After school drop-off, Gia and I walked into Fremantle to the toy store and picked up some bike helmets for Lily and Caden.  I was feeling a bit guilty that Gia didn't have a bike, and hence a need for helmet, so offered her a $2 coin to buy a brightly colored bouncy ball from the vending machine outside of the toy store.  The problem that I didn't anticipate, was that you could see ALL of the balls in the glass oval on top - and Gia decided she wanted the pink one.  I let her do 3 tries - and still had to deal with a fit.  Ugh!  Not the moment or lesson I was going for.

We ran a few other errands including mailing postcards, and picking up some new clothes for Gia. She is growing so quickly!  I just want to freeze time (bouncing ball fit not included).  We did a little grocery shopping, and Gia ate 3 of the little apples (size of her fist) on the way home!  Part of the reason she is growing so quickly :)

After school Lily had Hope over for a play date.  We decided to head to George Street to play outside for a bit and then head over for a treat.  Hope explained that this was a much better idea, as she explained this would enable her to play without getting an upset tummy.  Who can argue against that!

Corey came home from work a bit early so that we could get an early dinner and head up to the net ball courts to practice bike riding with the new helmets.  The kids did great!  I captured some great shots, but alas, I lost them, along with my shattered iPhone.  But more on that in the Wednesday post.

WEDNESDAY - Pyjama day (how its spelled here, so bug off spell check).  The kids wanted to ride their bikes to school, still high with the successful riding at the net ball courts from the night before.  However the confines of the sidewalk are much more challenging than the open road.  Lily went ahead, as did Gia getting pushed on her dad's bike, so Caden and I decided to head down to the street.

To help push him along, I pulled the stroller backwards, and at some point along our street, my phone fell out!  I couldn't put my hands on it along the way, so took some pics with Corey's phone, hoping mine was still at home.  No luck.  I thought surely my phone would be laying there, looking no worse for the wear when we walked home, but it was no where to be found on our little street!  Not sure who would want it - screen is shattered, no longer plays music, and password protected.  I have not went door-to-door, as quite frankly, I'm not even sure I want it!

Aside from the slow going with trying to get the kids to ride their bikes up the Mt. Everest hill to the school, which of course resulted in Corey and I carrying the bikes, I think we are getting this school drop off down.  Lily and I get a chance to read a bit before class while Caden gets some extra play time outside.  I then meet them at Caden's classroom, Corey heads to work, and Gia, Caden and I have time for stories and puzzles before his morning bell.  Here are some pics of Lily's classroom:
First step: climb up a small set of stairs and hang backpack on your designated hook.  Many classrooms share this space.
Step 2: Head up the 'Grade 2 stairs' - classrooms are separated by a partial wall.

Step 3: Get your chair, with chair bag hanging to identify.  Lily's Australian chair-bag name is Cole, as we are borrowing one form some kid that moved.  She sets up her chair, gets out a book or other work materials, and gets started prior to the 8:50 'alarm'/

Step 4: After snuggles and kisses, we head out.  This is her little room, decorated to reflect their unit on the Arctic.
Gia and I went to George Street for a coffee and another play at the George Street play set.  Gia was pretty cranky, so much so I engaged in the 'just a stage' and 'they can be so strong-willed' at least 5 different times with strangers '_'  By the looks of this photo, one would think I'm making it up!  She did have a big sleep in the afternoon, so maybe just a bit tired.

At school pick up, we picniced with some of the other moms.  So nice to sit out on the lawn together and let the kids run around.

Wednesday night Corey and I had a dinner with the business school faculty at Joy's Kitchen.  Great group of people and great Japanese food!  The business school team is a really wonderful.  Very warm and collegial.  And we were even able to get a ride home to save us the bus trip.

THURSDAY - Tennis this morning.  A total of 4 kids this week.  The instructor is tough, but it seems like the kids are learning, and certainly loving it!  After drop off, Gia and I had an extended play with our friends after school drop off before heading into Fremantle - yet again - this time in search of a Where's Waldo outfit for Caden to wear to school Friday for book week, which thankfully I learned about at the picnic the night before.  Instructions were to dress as your favorite book character.  I had picked up 3 Where's Waldo books at a resale shop here for $1/each, and he loves them, so we decided on Waldo.  Caden and I spend hours pouring over the pages toegther.

Our very first stop at the Savo Shop (Salvation Army) proved successful.  We secured a hat and scarf for $10 and 3-D glasses for $1 that we popped the lenses out of.  We also bought a big, fancy hat in preparation for the Perth Cup.  Gia really took to the hat, which suits her, and keeps her toes from getting sunburned.  She actually wears both outfits well.

Gia and I headed for coffee to celebrate - like we need a reason to hit up another coffee shop.  What drew us to this one was coffee for $2.85 and toast for $3.50.  The flat white was beautiful!  Corey is trying to master making designs.  He is blaming the milk I buy.

After school I took the kids to the George Street play set until Corey could meet us about 4:45.  They had a blast playing together.  I forget that this is Gia's first time to be on her own without Caden around all of the time.  Maybe that's why she was grumpy?!?

We then went in the Wine Shop, which is a great little restaurant connected to a wine shop that sells my Heydon chardonnay!  The wine purveyor also hooked us up with what he called a poor mans version of Heydon, so we are looking forward to cracking them all open for comparison right after the marathon.

We shared ham croquettes, a steak, shepherds pie, and fries with aioli.  Oh, and a great bottle of wine too of course.  A coloring book and a box of crayons are permanent fixtures in my yellow stroller...

After dinner, Corey headed to the grocery store for milk on the way home and I attempted to push the kids - Gia in the stroller, Lily at the foot, Caden on the handlebars, plus 3 backpacks and my purse home - all perfectly balanced.  As we went down the curb, the stroller started to tip.  It took everything I had to right it, as we all tumbled over, except for Gia.  Who laid there in the stroller looking up at the sky, calmly laughing her head off.  We were all giggling uncontrollably.

FRIDAY - Book day!  Caden makes the cutest Waldo ever (maybe I'm a bit biased).
Caught off guard as he was reviewing a book.

Caden with his buddy Oliver dressed as Happy Dwarf
 After we got the kids off to school, Gia, Corey and I took the bus to Fremantle and caught the train to Perth to pick up my marathon registration packet and to try out a restaurant we recently read about called Gordon Street Garage.  It was a beautiful walk...

Here's their About Us write-up from the Garage site:

'Welcome to our garage, a little spot to tinker, grow and invent… meaning lounge, eat, drink, discuss and share.
Based in an old auto electrics garage, we wanted to make a place that reconnected with the old backyard garage, the vegetable garden, and memories of another home, sometimes far away.
The garage was a place where everything from bicycles repairs to coffee making, custom building furniture to bottling tomatoes was undertaken.
It is in this spirit that our backyard kitchen celebrates garden produce and beyond, and our garage and coffee setting invite you to enjoy simple great produce. All designed to be enjoyed at every stage of the day or night. A lot of our furniture and fittings are custom made from wood and steel recycled from the garage itself.
Did we mention how serious we are about coffee? With a Probat coffee roaster at the heart of our venue, our barista's passion is the driving force behind our coffee bar.

My cuties

Gia had the pancakes with dark chocolate shavings, praline crumbles, and cream, I had the toast with rocket, wild mushrooms, and Irish brie, and Corey had the most amazing bacon, toast, and eggs.  All three plates were completely clean.

We next walked to the convention center where we picked up my packet.  Making the nerves set in a bit.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can...

When we got back to Freo we picked up a larger boys bike from a woman I have befriended at the 'gently used' shop.  It was her sons and she gave it to us for $20.  It may be a bit big for Caden, so she said we could try it over the weekend and bring it back if it didn't work.

I rode Caden's new bike to the house - I swear to giggles and pointing of the people I passed - to pick up swimming gear while Corey and Gia waited for me at the school for pick up.  We took the bus back into Freo and picked up some takeout and enjoyed a few hours of glorious sunshine at the beach.  
Lily looks poised to swim off to Rottnest Island in the distance.

A few minutes of downtime, as Corey attempts to finish his second war novel he uncovered on the shelves here at the house.

Watching the sun sink below the horizon, and smiling thinking that it will soon be shining down on our friends and family back home :)

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