Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Just settling into bed, attempting to wrap my mind around the fact that we have been in Australia for one month already!  We have not been good about sending off the promised postcards, but as of Friday, both the postcards and stamps have been purchased, so they should be on their merry way soon.

And speaking of merry, it is interesting how frequently Christmas is discussed here, and not for religious reasons.  Christmas is synonymous with summer and school holiday vacations, so it has that wistful place in Australian's hearts just as summer break is our holding place for our long-awaited breaks.  You see 'Merry Christmas' spray painted on sidewalks and in tunnels, and there is scarcely an advertisement that does not remind people that Christmas will be here soon!  It is a bit disconcerting and leaves me double-checking what month we are in - defaulting to October in my mind.

Today we walked to Fremantle to meet our friend's the McKenna's for lunch.  Just 4 weeks ago when we made the walk you would have thought we asked the kids to hike from one end of the earth to the next.  Today's walk was downright joyous, skipping along admiring the birds, flowers and homes we passed.

We had lunch at Little Creatures - this fantastic brewery right on the wharf.  Corey was already a big fan of the beer, but now we are just Little Creatures groupies through-and-through.  The setting on the water is fantastic, as you can see from the pics below, but add the funky decor, great food, and outdoor sandpit for kids so that you can enjoy your beer (pear cider in my case) and we are sold!  Our lucky ND students are located just across the Esplanade from this marvel.

So great visiting with Danny and Tony and their sweet, sweet kids.  Dan came dressed full-on in her East Fremantle Dockers gear - hat, scarf, purple sun glasses, purple nail polish... you get the idea.  She is a member and goes to the games on her own, arriving 40 minutes beforehand to watch the warm up and to get a sense of who the starters will be.  I absolutely love her!  And so thrilled that her Dockers won today - whoot-whoot!

Well, off to indulge in a little House of Cards - our new favorite show.

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