Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Terrors of Caversham Wildlife Park

With our 3 extremely cool kids loaded, we headed off for our Saturday adventure to Caversham Wildlife Park...
While the signs cautioned us, it did not fully prepare for us for what lied ahead...

Curious kangaroos.  It is pretty bad when rather then run to your child when they are letting loose the most blood curdling scream, you are snapping photos.  I am sure if we could have heard anything other than Gia's screams, we would have heard the muttering of " those damn Americans" :)

Snuggling with a wombat
We had a chance to interact with a lot of native creatures...

However the highlight was definitely the 'roos (minus the one incident).  They were hopping about everywhere, and lazing about in the sun.

Look closely at the series of photos below.  There is a baby joey inside.  Does not look comfortable!!!  They can ride in their for 9 months!  Sounds a bit familiar.

He's out!   Whew!
A good afternoon!

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