Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Let me first thank my lovely wife for encouraging me to take 24 ND students to Singapore while she held down the household back in Fremantle.  As you'll see in the pics, it has been all work and no play. Also I want to give her a shout-out for managing the Angst Family Blog.  I too absolutely love reading about our lives and as one of my former students pointed out to me, it is an incredible way of documenting our time here ...and a way for our kids to remember it!  Thanks honey!  Some of you might remember that back in 1997-98 when we were last living in Aus, I was the one who was chronicling our time here.  Things were easy back then - no kids, we had a car, and we didn't have to bother with things like making sure our children received an education.  But it is much better this time around.  I love seeing Aus through our children's eyes and watching Wendy embrace this freedom.  In addition, we have met so many wonderful families through our kids.

Well that was a long digression.  Back to Singapore.  I'm currently in my room on the 51st floor of the Swissotel with a lovely view overlooking the city.  

I just ate this for lunch.  I have no idea what it was except that it was #1 and it was a Malaysian restaurant and the guy serving me said not to eat the heads.  The little tiny things on the left are crispy anchovies. I think they were sitting on a bed of nuts.  The 2 big things are some sort of fish (re: don't eat the heads). There was obviously a fried egg and rice and a couple slices of cucumber but I have no idea what the fried patty was.  I'm not sure if you'll think it looks appetizing but it was delicious and $4.50.  I know that is cheap but most things here are extraordinarily expensive.  Had a beer last night and it was $18 and not even a full pint.  

The architecture is extraordinary.  Some of my favorites.  

Oh, and Wendy you'd love this. It is a small shop that sells ONLY tiny molten cakes.  Each one costs $8.00!

I have to run to a big dinner but I also had to snap a pic of this....

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