Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday night picnic at Cottesloe Beach

We rented a car for the weekend, so surprised the kids by picking them up from school in the car.  Big deal when they are used to hoofing it! :)
Gia - owning it, and waiting for her bro and sis.

We headed to Cottesloe Beach to check out the old Cafe where I used to work - now a different shop altogether and another road of shops added.  Very swanky area, including the market.  The Boatshed market is gorgeous, and has enough free samples to fill one for dinner!  There was a little girl about 10, scampering about, stuffing her face. No parents in site.  She ended up eating every chocolate chip cookie sample, to Caden's dismay, leaving him with none.  This did not dampen our experience however!  We picked up a fabulous picnic dinner of salami, olive tapenade, and salads to eat at the beach.  Here are some pics of the market.

This is what we had for New Years dinner with my mom and dad 15 years ago...

Why is it that kids just want to touch the eyeballs?!?


This pic is for my dad :)  Icky-Sticky

Our picnic...

We stayed for the sunset - gorgeous!  Kids had a ball.


There was a gathering of the Lorikeet Parrots in the trees behind us.  Quite a racket!  This is a video of what they sound like.

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