Saturday, August 03, 2013

Swan Valley in late afternoon

After carousing with the kangaroos we headed for the vineyards of Swan Valley with our first stop at the chocolate shop.  They had us with the free tastings and chocolate lined the walls :)  

Gia with her third free sample.

We had lunch on the sunny porch, overlooking the hills.  Very Napa-ish, although on quite the same scale. Lily captured the memories of all of us with a definite chocolate high :)

We stopped into the wine shop next door to sample their chocolate liqueurs.  Very delicious, but we managed to leave without a bottle...this time around.

Next stop was Yahava Koffee House.  Just like a wine tasting, but for coffee.  Yahava ( travel all around the world in search of the best beans.  Absolute genius!  Corey and I found a fantastic blend - an espresso bean described as 100% Arabicas classic dark Italian style roast.  Yum!  

Corey pondering the blends.

And of course the sign when leaving is "Yahava nice day" :)
 Next stop was the House of Honey for honey tasting.
 Pretty flowers on our way in...

The honey varieties were set up to be pumped onto popsicle sticks.
 Enjoying the bees on display, busily keeping the pumps filled.

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