Thursday, July 23, 2015

Italy - Day 40 (Milan)

I had meetings arranged today with IED and Domus around design thinking.  I began the journey thinking I would use the bike share... to summarize, the Internet was so slow it took 30-minutes to buy the pass online.  I rushed to the bike station by our place and all the bikes were checked out.  I raced to the next one and back before getting a bike.  Set off on the journey and could not get the Google Map to load, so parked the bike, hopped in a cab, and hung my head out the window the entire ride in an attempt to stop dripping in sweat!  Quite comical to say the least!  However, I had a really great meeting with Federico and Alesandro (wearing my outfit purchased at the markets the previous Saturday) :)

 The facilities of IED...

 I took the train back, and we all had lunch with Massimo at a little place just down from our apartment that has an entire cooking school where they train chefs on panini making!

I then headed off by bike, which were plentifully available, to meet with some of the faculty at Domus Academy, which is ranked by Bloomberg as a top school in design thinking.

I tried to discreetly snap a photo of this trendy looking woman at the reception.  Even the heels of her shoes were striped!
 One of the DA classroom/collaboration spaces I was coveting.

 I then hopped back on my bike to go back to l'Hub to finish my sewing project with Sylvia.  By this point, I was feeling quite Italian and enjoying the confidence of being able to get myself around the city.  We describe Milan as a Chicago and Rome more of a New York, meaning to say that Milan is a bit more manageable.

On my way to meet Syliva I realized this little piazza was actually a pool - right there - a short distance from our place the whole darn hot week!!!  I know I had seen it online, but the only photos were of a graffiti-ed facade which didn't quite motivate me any further.  Today however the gates were open, and as I rode by dripping in sweat, I really, really wanted to swim.


I quickly finished my skirt, which was so fun!, Corey got the kids suits out of the suitcase, and we met at the pool for an interesting and refreshing pool experience.

We stopped for gelatto on our way back to the house, got cleaned up (Lily and I each wearing our homemade skirts) and headed out for our final dinner out on this amazing journey.

Modeling our new skirts

Our dinner spot

Cadio and pepe pasta (butter and black pepper)

The walk home - we will really miss the walking lifestyle!

The advertisement plastered everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we had to commemorate with a mocking photo.  Even the kids were commenting how tired they were on seeing it.  I asked Lily what she thought they were selling and she offered up "shirts?!?"  Love that girl's sense of humor!

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