Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Italy - Day 38 (Milan)

Vivale Market again Saturday.  I planned ahead this time, arriving at 8:20, about 10 minutes before they opened.  My list was any awesome designer clothes or shoes, the fitted shirts for Corey, and something to stamp at our family stamping class later in the day.  Successful on two of the four.

Rushed back to pick up Lily to head to the second day of our sewing class.  We ate the best chocolate croissant of our trip on the walk over from a little cafe called Felix.  

Once at l'Hub, we got to work cutting out the patter that Sylvia drew for each of us, then the fabric, then we got to work sewing...

My fabric, which is a cool remnant from testing colors

Cutting out the fabric

The zigzag stitch along the fabric edges...

Sewing our little hearts out

A small amount of assistance on the the elastic band... but Lily did every bit of the skirt!

Introducing Lily's amazing skirt!  She did so great and is excited to get going on more clothes once home :)

The beautiful result.  Lily LOVES sewing - and I do too!

We ran out of time before I finished my skirt so will be heading back to the sweet and patient Sybil Monday evening for an hour.  Stay tuned for photos.

The rest of our crew met us at noon.  Sybil needed some time to get the print screening set up, so we walked over to the Mercato Market for a quick bite.  Such a great market!  Wish we had more time...
Stroll to the market 
Our market experience began with fresh squeezed juices.

Watermelon juice - and Gia 

The lineup of stalls inside the market barn

Watching the bakers fill the pastries

My lunch - delicious!
 Now for our family stamping class, using the market-purchased pillow cases.

The adorable entry of L'hub
The antique stamp blocks we had free rein of

Getting started...

A tester stamp

The box used for getting paint on the large block prints

Some of our pillow cases we designed

Thank you to the amazing Sylvia!
 After about 3 hours of having the stamping room to ourselves, we headed back for a little respit.  Gia managed a badly needed nap before we changed up for dinner.  She insisted she didn't need one, and then fell asleep in mid-fuss.

I coined this picture "Technology Togetherness"
Ready for dinner!  Gia decided to go with pigtails :)

Gia in front her daddy's favorite motorcycle 
We decided to revisit our delicious sushi spot for dinner.

Little visit to the Mu gelatto bar.
Live music playing on the canal had Gia shaking her groove thing :)

Enjoying the light up seating - trying to catch the lights on their respective favorite colors.

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