Friday, July 03, 2015

Italy - Day 21 (Rome)

Rome is very hot this week, so we decided to have a day based at home while Corey begins his conference work.  We made a list of all of the things we could do including a tea party, fashion show, watch an afternoon movie, etc and Lily, Caden and Gia each picked.  We decided on a tea party with our homemade lemonade and treats from our local paticceria, making a ferry house, and an afternoon movie.  So we first set off to the baker...

Once back, we spent a little education time on currency.  The kids came up with all kinds of ideas on how to counterfeit the Euro.   There first attempts :)

Lily's 50

Caden's 20

The ferry house was a big hit (borrowed right from Leah's FB post - thank you Leah!).  We could only use items found on the property, with the exception of the welcome sign.  We found quite a few old pottery pieces which were kind of fun, and many interesting stones, moss, flours, and nuts.  It really turned out cute.

Lovely couch lined with flower petal lining, coffee table with dinner waiting, chandelier from the ceiling, moss carpet and leaf tile flooring, and a lovely broom in the corner.  Who wouldn't want to live here?!? :)

Pool with shade cover.  Water cented with rose petals.  
We monitored the house throughout the day and we are pretty sure that the pool was used and some of the furniture and bowls in the house were moved.

Corey got home around 5 and we all headed out for our second attempt to meet Idris for dinner shortly thereafter.  We had reservations at a coveted restaurant, thanks to recommendations from friends and Corey making the reservation and thank goodness we did!  We arrived at 7:15 to a slight mob out front.  After a bit the door opened and a man announced, 'if you do not have a reservation, you may leave.  We are fully booked for the night'.  
The street walking up to the restaurant

The restaurant

Our table.  You can see signed photos of the many famous people that have visited.  After eating, I can see why!
 Poor Idris ended up getting a bit lost and arrived 45 minutes late, but we were able to all enjoy an amazing meal.  Not sure how Italians manage a first course of pasta and then a main.  We tried it, but were beyond full and ended up with leftovers.  The truffle spaghetti was one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten!  Excellent Montepulciano wine too.

One minor challenge was the lack of air conditioning.  Not sure if it didn't exist, or wasn't working.  Gia fell asleep at the table - on my lap.  Soooo hot!  I took a quick picture of Caden to sum up the heat inside.  It may be time for a haircut for this little guy!

We did of course manage a small gelato afterwards, as the gelato stomach does not get filled by dinner, and thought it a good way to cool off.  However this was further complicated by the fact that Gia could not wake up.  So Corey and I took turns holding our 45 pound hot and sticky sack of potatoes.

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