Friday, July 03, 2015

Italy - Day 22 (Rome)

Corey's conference kicked off, so the kids and I decided to spend our day at the pool of Hotel Shangri La, about 45 minutes away by bus and walk, with a highly recommended pool that you can buy a pass to for 'open air swimming'.

The journey there was a bit of an adventure, but we made it after only one wrong turn.  Thankfully I kept Corey's internet-enabled cell phone for the day to help us map the route.

The afternoon with the pool was perfect!  The requirement was that all had to wear bathing caps, which was so darn cute on the kids!  (Not so much on me '_')

We brought along plenty to do, had a restaurant (and bar) right there, and set up four lounge chairs in the shade.  We swam, played, ate and repeat all day before heading home around 6pm.

Caprese at the ready :)

Gia mastering the slide in the kids pool.  She wanted to take pictures to send to grandparents, Novlin (who fits in our grandparent category too) and Daisy Harry Potter :)

Determination - and a bug bite.


 All this followed by her infamous starfish float - which she practices in bed at night :)

The 'tweenagers'

Sweet Lily helping Gia learn how to swim.
My little water-logged guy.  Check out those eye lashes!

The pool
The bus ride home :)
We warmed up leftovers and watched Teen Beach Move 2.  Good day!

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