Monday, July 06, 2015

Italy - Day 24 (Rome to Tuscany/Cortona)

We were getting a bit tired of the hot weather and the city, so decided to head out a day early to go to a Tuscan farm house with a pool on our way to Florence.  Gorgeous drive - and so nice to be an air-conditioned vehicle (which despite a reservation, took 90-minutes to pick up.  The Italian way!)

Fields of sun flowers along the way

Our farm house directions included the GPS coordinates, which took us down a dirt two-track.  The property was an 'Agriturismo' property.  We loved it!  It would be a great place to rent the entire property for a large group.
Caden and Gia enjoying the hammock while we check in

Gia's stuck

We had the top floor.  That is our dusty car in the foreground.

The house also had bikes available.  Caden and Lily headed off straightaway.

That little house behind Caden is an apartment for two that the proprietor, Sara, described as 'very romantic'.

Lily is in front of Caden, but blends in a bit to the building.

Looking out towards the pool with the village Cortona in the background.

Looking out the front door.  

The kids room upstairs.

The stairs up.

Too cute!

The pink bedroom

The pink bath

The blue bedroom

The kitchen

we were surrounded by fields of sunflowers

The house had a large common recreation room.  The kids, especially Gia, were thrilled to have some toys!  (Notice Gia's cute dress with the little rope belt Lily and I bought at Zara in Rome the night before)

I was soooo excited about the ping pong, but we didn't end up getting a chance to play.

Looking back at the drive.
 The first order of business was a swim in the pool, which we had to ourselves.  The water was perfect!  It was poolside that we decided to book another couple of nights at a Tuscan house with a pool (our room here was already booked), and to cancel Florence.  Tough call, as we were excited to spend a few days in the city and had a great property booked, but we were loving the Tuscan countryside too much to leave.
Notice Corey pretending to be a surf board for the kids :)

Love this shot!

Super Lily!

Singing - Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame...
 Sara helped us with reservations at a restaurant in Cortona with good meat.  Enough said.
The uphill walk to the piazza

One of the pretty doors we passed along the way.  So many gorgeous doors.

Lily at dinner.  Notice the older Italian lady over her soldier sitting outside to cool from the heat.  A few more ladies joined her as the evening went on.

Gia's polar bear Arctic enjoying some wine as we celebrated her birthday.  

Lily writing me a message, as we could only communicate by writing per her rules, as we left the delicious Trattoria Dordano.  Caden had sausages, Corey had pork with truffles, I had spinach ravioli with truffles, Lily had porkchops. and Gia had chicken.  We all shared some grilled vegetables and fried porcini mushrooms.  The food was sensational!

Cure motorbike lined in corks we passed.
 We made our usual gelato stop and then sat on the church steps to enjoy the scene.

Caden pouting that they did not have milkshakes '_'

We walked around a bit before heading back to the house for a night swim :)

This little Italian girl looked so sweet on the steps I had to steal a photo.

The view looking out from the city walls.

The walk down to the car

 The sign for our house at the gate - Terra di Cortona

Gia heading up to get her suit on
 Before swimming we decided to go check out the sunflower patch outside of the gate.

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