Friday, July 17, 2015

Italy - Day 34 (Milan)

The infamous viale Papainiano market, offered only Tuesdays and Saturdays, is a few blocks up from our condo.  The market is known for designer fashions, as well as food and other items.  The kids were able to hold up for about 2-hours in the heat, and then Corey left me to my own devices.  Feeling much better now, I enjoyed the experience fully - and have a couple of new dresses to boot :)

Love the Italian women, in their dresses and heals, on basketed bicycles.

 After exhausting the clothing booths, I explored the perpendicular off-shoot dedicated to food.  From here I walked away with figs, two chickens (roasted :) ,buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, and basil, then headed home for a feast.  Really fun morning!

I passed on the eels...
and the octopus!
 In the afternoon, Lily and I headed for some promised time to visit a cupcake store we walked by the other night.  So fun.  We ate cupcakes and played Blokus and Spot-it.

Corey and I realized the next season of True Detective was out, so we bribed the kids with promised breakfast in bed if they would all sleep together.  I captured this photo of Lily and Caden around 11...

I caught a bit of video on this.  The kids have a few games on their iPads they all play together and get so into working together and supporting one another - raising kitties, baby dinosaurs, designing fashion, and doing Monster High hairdos :)
Three kids in this mess!

This one around 4am....
Gia's infamous sleeping starfish any of us that have slept with her know so well '_'  Caden never seems to mind though :)

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