Friday, July 10, 2015

Italy - Day 29 (Venice)

The sleeping weather was magnificent last night!  One more thunder storm rolled through and the temperature made it down to the 80's.

First thing we were able to capture the trash collection.  So fascinating to witness how they deal with all the challenges of disposing of trash, stocking store shelves, even purchasing large appliances, when you are in a network of islands accessible by small canals.

We ate breakfast at home this morning and then set off to explore.  Today Lily is the 'Little Girl in Charge' and she elected that we go to a store that makes beads and to a restaurant and bakery that our house proprietor mentioned no less than 3 times for the amazing cakes.  But first we stopped for lumch.

Baccala Mantecato - a Venetian cod recipe of salted cod, accompanied by two other version of cod and big cuts of polenta.  Absolutely delicious.
 We happened across a quaint little glass bead shop ran by a husband and wife.  The husband's mother grew up in Chicago, but raised him in France.  They summered in Italy, as his mom loved the opera, and then moved to Italy full time in his high school years. I left with a stunning necklace.

Some of the samples made while we watched
 We ventured on to Harry's Dolci to try out the highly recommended cakes.  The recommendation listed that the cakes were pricey but worth it, but we did not quite fathom $16/slice!  We all shared two slices and left without a full cake, as Lily suggested.  She said she would settle for a Twix during her movie selection later in the evening.  If only we would have tried that angle before visiting Harry's!

Regardless, canal-side table with beautiful views and breezes.

Plus, our waiter may have been Johnny Knoxville?!?  He was in good humor about it.
Some of the magnificent views on our ferry ride back.

The kids put in a good 6 miles today walking.  We relaxed with a movie once home and then decided to do a quick trip to McDonald's as Caden and Gia had yet to get an American food fix.  We then headed home, did some reading and called it a night.

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