Thursday, July 09, 2015

Italy - Day 28 (Venice)

We stopped at a little cafe for breakfast on our way to catch a ferry to Murano to experience glass making.  Corey sorted out the ferry tickets while the kids did some mask shopping.


We started off on the ferry, which was a bit crowded and very hot!

Watching supplies get unloaded

Giglio = Lily :)

Watching the gondola traffic

Fond memories of Lily feeding the pigeons in this square when she was 1 :)

Shortly after this, we decided it was too hot to be aboard a crowded ferry with a sea of humanity, so we hopped off and picked up a taxi.

Kids were thrilled to be in the shade and able to stretch out

 Glass shopping...  We went back to the shop where we bought our wine glasses and chandelier.

After our day at Murano, the kids were anxious to get back.
 Once back, the kids watched a movie in the sitting room while Corey and I read books.  Ahhhh...

It started to cloud up and our long awaited thunder storm rolled in.  It was awesome!

The view of the storm moving in from the living room balcony windows
And the skies opened

Watching the rain...

The kids decided to treat us to dinner, under the direction of the head-chef Lily.  So cute.

The menu Caden made is on the left - the bill from the "Kid Bakers" (minor typo) to the right.  Only 5 Euro - for pasta, berries and wine!
 After dinner, we got down to some game playing.  Gia toasted me at Spot it.  Still a bit warm despite the storm, as evidenced by her game outfit.

We tried to use all the tiles...

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