Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spain - Day 9

Day 9 (Saturday) – Today we made scrambled eggs for breakfast and ate on the terrace. They we played at the pool all morning swimming, saving bugs, lounging in the hammocks, and eating more plums than I can count picked right from our plum tree. Caden and I whipped up a pasta for lunch with some of the fresh veggies we bought in town the night before, which we enjoyed with a great bottle of wine on the terrace. Enjoying the hammock. We spent a lot of time here!

After siesta, we headed in town to a pizza restaurant. It was excellent! I drank two coca-colas, in those cute little bottles, that were fantastically syrupy sweet! After dinner we each picked out an ice cream which we ate in a little square with a fountain. This is the second time the kids have eaten this ice cream that is like a push-up, but with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chunks. Then in the clear handle there is a stack of Smarties that come out once the ice cream is gone. It is a big hit! I ended up taking a ton of photos of the kids playing. It is so wonderful to just relax in the village and watch the locals!

Playing around with a camera feature I just learned about. I think the one above and below look like classic shots.

Note the beautiful lipgloss Lily secured from a corner vending machine in Gaucin. The only thing better than the color was the fact that it came in heart-shaped princess ring! Oh, one thing I did forget to mention is that there are massive amounts of ants around. Not really in the house, until you leave a morsel of food on the ground or counter for 10 seconds. Then it is like they instantly appear in droves! All of the windows and doors are open, so they certainly have a route in, but you don’t see them in the house unless you give them that reason. Well, as anyone who knows me knows, ants are my least favorite insect – yes, I have them all carefully rated and classified. Well I awoke from siesta after my third swipe at something on my ear…you guessed it! A good 20 – 30 ants were crawling around by my head! Absolutely gross!!! I was careful to scrub down all of the baby handprints of food off of me before bed!
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