Saturday, August 08, 2009

Spain - Day 4

Day 4 (Monday) Tamara and Domi are heading home ‘_’ We drove them to the bus stop in Marbella and had a breakfast of croissants with ham, with chocolate, with sugar…and coffees. We walked around and enjoyed the sites, including a great little park where the kids played. So fun!

(Lily - daddy promised to get you this car when you turn 16...)

We then had lunch, and dropped Corey and a sleeping Caden off at another park filled with a bunch of old Spanish men engaged in their morning debates. Despite Corey’s kindle, brimming with current news, he was excluded ‘_’ Lindsay, Lily and I ventured off for some shopping, and we did well! My purchase of the day were some red platform sandals with silk tie strings. Yes, I said red : )

After shopping we enjoyed the pool for a bit...

The path to the pool with Lily running ahead. Every day she would pick up flowers from the ground at this flowering tree and give them to me : )

For dinner we headed down the beach to what we thought was the recommended seafood restaurant. The food was just okay. We didn’t realize until a couple of days later that the actual restaurant we were supposed to visit was a bit further down. The highlight of the dinner was Caden chowing on mussels! He loved them! Too crazy!

The runner up was playing on the beach on our way back. The kids were running back and forth, just having a great time. And the third-runner up were the two men walking by, very much in love, one of which was wearing a g-string way better than I ever could!!!
Chess anyone? Another fun activity at the timeshare...
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