Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spain - Day 6

Day 6 (Wednesday) – We headed into Ronda, one of the white villages today. It was a very windy trip that took a bit longer than expected since a certain someone had the Garmin sent for walking instead of driving! : ) Ronda was a cool city! They are known, albeit inaccurately, for the oldest bullring. They do have what is claimed to be the largest and most elaborate bullring! We ate lunch on a gorgeous terrace and walked around the city…and of course enjoyed a gelato! Caden is so fierce about his gelato that he throws a full blown fit if you even hold it for a second to help him down a step!!!

Self portrait of Lily while she rode on my shoulders : )

Caden, Lindsay and Lily

Looking out over the beautiful countryside.

This is Caden's face if he feels like his gelato is being threatened!
A happy boy!

Our lunch spot on a clif-side.

Caden wanting to be "sprung" from the table to come with me.

Later that night Corey and I ventured up the beach for dinner on our own at Nikki Beach. It was fantastic! I had chorizo crusted sea bass and Corey had the lamb. Excellent! And fun to enjoy a nice dinner on our own.

Emily flew in from Barcelona late in the evening. Corey and Lindsay picked her up and then ventured out for a drink. I enjoyed a movie and slept soundly!!!
[July 8, 2009]

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