Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spain - Day 7

Day 7 (Thursday) – Corey and I began the day with our first and only run on the beach, followed by our first and only swim in the sea. The run was great and sea was CHILLY! We spent most of the day at the beach and by the pool. Lindsay and Emily were headed off to Morocco that evening, so we decided to leave early and get dinner along the way at a little seaside town.

The town ended up being average. Once we returned from the airport, we enjoyed ice creams and played around the Marriott. There are a series of about 6 terraces that have both steps and ramps from the reception area to the ocean. Caden and Lily loved running up and down the ramps. They also stopped to pick up the pink flowers from the ground beneath the pink flower tree every time we walked by. Lily would give one to each of us. Caden would try and eat them : ) There was a fountain right there with lions, and Caden loved to walk up to the fountain and say “rawr”.
[July 9, 2009]

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