Saturday, August 08, 2009

Spain - Day 3

Day three (Sunday) we had breakfast on our balcony, enjoying the Ziploc baggies of homemade granola I brought from home : ) We did the pool and beach and just relaxed. That night we all attended the Flamenco dance and BBQ at the Marriott. Afterwards Tamara, Domi, Lindsay and I walked to Nikki Beach to go out dancing, as the day before we ventured up and witnessed some crazy dance sites (mojito leaves on male nipples kind-of stuff). Sadly there was no dancing on the Sunday night ‘_’

Side note: The Marriott timeshare is very “camp-ish” with family activities. We didn’t make the dance lessons, Sangria lessons, or paella lessons, however we did do the spinning class, which was great! There are 5 different age group catagories with at least 8 activities per day, per age group. We ended up missing the kid activities too, which were plentiful including kite making, silk painting, movies, sand castle competitions, etc. you may chuckle, but this is perfect for family travel! And anyone interested, let me know so I can “refer” you and get bonus points : )

[July 5, 2009]

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