Saturday, August 08, 2009

Spain - Day 2

Day two (Saturday) we started the day at the pool in our two rented cabanas. We stayed there all day – for both naps! We had the “weekend only” cold salad buffet, which was so yummy!

Right after lunch, our friends Tamara and Domi (soon to be married, and living in Switzerland) joined us. Corey and I had dinner with just the two of them on night one (Saturday) in Marbella. It was amazing to see the families out – with kids – dressed to the nines through 1am when we left! The mothers were wearing the most amazing shoes, with 3-inch heels, pushing the “pram”. The other fun thing to note about this night was the traffic. The typical narrow European roads, but with cars parallel parked, and then cars angle-parked centered on the parallel parked car!

Parking in the street!

[July 4, 2009]

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