Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spain - Day 8

Day 8 (Friday) – We left the Marriott timeshare, after another Marriott timeshare pitch for 10,000 points mind you, for our house in Gaucin. We stopped in Puerto Banuse for a visit and lunch. A very posh area filled with incredible yachts and the finest of stores. We made a mental note to visit again without kids : ) We then completed the beautiful drive into the mountains to our little country home in Gaucin – one of the tourist-anointed “White Towns”. It was a very beautiful drive with one section including a wind farm.
We wasted no time upon arrival and started off with a swim. We then headed into the little town – which is 1.1km up a crazy-bumpy dirt road to the edge of town where you then drive on paved roads to a whatever parking place you can find. The roads are only wide enough for one car, so if someone is coming your way, you have to back up until they can pass. The turn off for our road is such a hairpin turn it is truly impossible to just make the turn without backing up at least once!

In town we did a little grocery shopping, then found a little tapas bar called La Puente where we ate the most amazing sword fish on their balcony, and a bottle of wine for 8 Euros! Crazy! One of the great things about grocery shopping in Spain, or Europe for that matter, is that very little is refrigerated. So were able to buy shelved milk and eggs, and not worry about how long we were at dinner!
[July 10, 2009]

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