Thursday, April 17, 2008


Lily LOVES Notre Dame (pronounced as Noh-Day). She likes picking out her own clothes and picks out her Notre Dame gear whenever she can. As you can see below with our little cheerleader in her kitchen.

Every ND that she sees, she points and shouts Noh-Day. She sings the alma mater song with her dad every night for bedtime. If you say "touch down" she shouts "Jesus"! Corey asks her, "What's the best school in the world?" and she shouts back, "Noh Day". At swim last week she refused to wear a sweatshirt because it covered the ND on her swimsuit!!! And if you say "go", she says "Irish"! Thank goodness tuition is covered for my brainwashed 2 year old as a child of faculty!
[April 8, 2008]

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