Thursday, April 17, 2008

Car Infatuation

Some friends we had over just a couple of weeks ago were telling us about how their 2 kids love the car (one the same age as Lily and the other a year older than Lily). Literally the next day, Lily's infatuation started! She must have really been listening! So what started as her love of unlocking the car and making it beep has evolved into needing to have some alone time in the car before getting out! At first we thought it was because of the snacks she would scavenge for - she loves Halls and can always manage to find at least one in her dad's car. When Lindsay went to retrieve Lily from the back of the SUV, Lily had located the rest of her KitKat from the weekend, had taken out a bar, and held up a finger while saying, "just one, one? one?". She is quite the negotiator.

We have on 2 occasions (within the week) managed to have Lily get locked in the car...with the keys!!! Thank goodness for On Star! The new rules are removing the keys from the car!
As you can see by this photo she continues to lovesgadgets and figuring things out. I wonder where she gets this from?!? She managed to locate the GPS, find the cord for it, and plug it in! All in a days work! [April 14, 2008]

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