Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Going to be a Big Sister!

The shirt says it all (I'm Going to be a Big Sister, Lily)! Lily, our little ham, is gearing up for the new baby to arrive. She has been practicing her pretend baby cries for the baby in my tummy, to which she finds ways to soothe the baby to stop the crying. This includes patting the baby, offering the baby food and drink, and singing "La la la" to the baby. She now also pretends to be the baby herself and will not stop the fake cry until she is cradled like a baby and fed her sippy cup like a bottle! I am sure she will do great with the new baby as she is a such a sweet and nurturing little girl, but both Corey and I are worried about our baby becoming the big kid! Only 6 more days!!!

Anyway, I think these photos are adorable of our beatiful little girl being her typical goofy self! [April 16, 2008]

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