Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave's Babysitting Adventure : )

Grandma Pfromm and Grandpa Dave came down for the weekend to babysit little Lily while her mommy and daddy did some real estate shopping. As you can see below, they had a great time!

They definitely look related : )

Blogs are in! Lily now has turtles (named Bumpy of course after the Stanley Clark turtle) in the holes of her clog. A few falls in these shoes so far, including one pretty bloody lip, but she is getting better.

She jammed out to Grandpa Dave's i-Pod.

Then we all went to dinner. You can tell by Lily's cheeky look and her parents blank expression that dinner can sometimes be a very active time for some of us!!! [April 3, 2008]

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