Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lily's last night out without a sibling!

We ventured out to dinner at Legend's on campus tonight, despite the frequent comments and jokes I receive from random strangers about being careful that the baby may come at any second. Or the one inquiring about triplets. Ha ha. As soon as we get near campus, Lily starts her 'Noh Day' shouting and singing the alma mater song, which phonically sounds like 'Noh Day ow Modder', then the rest gets a bit undecipherable when she sings by herself.

After dinner we ventured over to the Grotto and lit a candle for the new baby's arrival tomorrow. Lily does great with lighting the candles and saying 'amen' : ) She even kneeled on the kneeler for a bit before taking a rest on one of the nearby benches.

As you can see below, this baby is clearly out of room to grow. We are very excited to meet him or her tomorrow!!! Stay tuned...[April 23, 2008]

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