Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Welcome Gianna Lucille!

What a day!  We had our first big snow fall of the year, so the day was beautiful and bright!  My wonderful BPS class surprised me with a card and a dozen roses.  It was so touching.  We then headed in to Memorial for delivery...to welcome Gianna Lucille Angst.  And yes, an updated Blog name will be forthcoming.

Here I am getting 'prepped' for surgery...and trying to finish up some last minute grading : )
 Luckily we have no shots of the gory details, but suffice it to say, it was a gory!  Corey actually had a walk through this time of all of the steps.  It still took 2 vacuum attempts to pull Gia out, despite the c-section '_'  However who can complain about the end result?!?  So far her hair looks a bit red!
 Mommy and Gia's first snuggle.
 So worth the wait!!!
 She is so tiny!  Weighing in at 7.3, compared to Lily at 7.10 and Caden at 8.1.
 Our fantastic doctor - who let us play classical music again during Gia's delivery.  So nice and calming, especially when coupled with Corey being able to be right with me, stroking my cheek : )
 The delivery team!

 Lily and Caden meet Gia for their first time!

 Then we were five...
 Caden holding Gia.  We put our foot down when he wanted to carry her across the room to grandma!
 Caden kept saying, "She so cute."  And calling her a little peanut.
 Lily seemed a little hesitant compared to her daily excitement about the baby, but also thrilled.
 Here is the gift that Gia brought for Lily and Caden- a box of 7 princess Barbies.  Gia is soooo thoughtful already : )  The kids were in heaven.  Caden decided shortly after it was time to go so he could play princess at home.
True to form, Neema and Neepa braved the snowy roads to come down for Gia's arrival, and to stay with Lily and Caden so that Corey could have sleepless nights with me in the hospital.  The best in-laws ever!!!
[December 6, 2010]

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