Friday, December 03, 2010

Stag Island

We made our annual pilgrimage to Grandma Sandy's cottage and had soooo much fun!

Digging for worms to start our day fishing...

 Lily's first fish (look closely)

 Enjoying our daily romp on the tramp

 Sunggling up for a movie.
 Our kayaking adventure around the island in search of the new wing fossil grounds.  It was a long and arduous trip.  No cove was left unturned.  Here we stopped for a picnic lunch.  As we ventured to the other side of the island, my crew mate decided he was done with kayaking, so I walked back 1.5 miles carrying him perched on my growing belly '_'  Grandpa Dave walked back later to retrieve my kayak!

 Team Daddy and Lily
 Team Mommy and Caden
 Lily floating down with her life jacket and noodle - her first swim down!
 Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Dave with two cute islanders.
 Caden showing off his ability to use the potty!!!
 Taking the car ferry home.

 And then the long sleep for the car ride home...

 One of my favorite pics.  Lily and Caden wanting to "run like mommy".  Notice they have one of each of my and Corey's shoes on : )
 The Angst family - Stag Island, 2010
 Our ferry boat ride back to our car.  Thank goodness there is a boat involved, or we would never get the kids off of the island!
[July 2010]

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